This is the most heard word in my box. Keep you pace, you need to pace… so on… I tend to make the same mistake, over and over. The music, the person surrounding me and my brain keeps playing games in my brain. I try to keep a pace, but how?

Because we do “high intensity” training, it does not means that we keep on the redline all way through. On the other hand, do a bunch of reps and stop to catch my breath doesn’t´t seems to be  helping either… Then, what do we do?

We need to control ourselves. I like to think of my reps and exercises as a music track. But sometimes it just doesn’t work. Here is a great tool that will help you know what pace you may need to keep. Use it to learn how well are you doing in keeping your pace, and then, how to keep that rhythm that will keep you performing better and longer.

Keep your pace up! See some common mistakes that affects our best potential here

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