New Introductory Price!

FITT3ST is our most recent iOS App. Designed for enthusiasts and elite athletes to help improve their performance. Enter your workout, and FITT3ST will help you focus on executing it in detail. The ChronoTracker will guide you through each exercise. You will not miss a second trying to remember or looking in a distant whiteboard what your next exercise or reps are. You’ll have it right in your screen. When finished, yo will have a full detail about your execution on every exercise. Analyze your performance for every exercise in your workout.
For a limited time, we are offering the app for a fixed price of $2.99. The offer is now extended to mid May 2018. See us at the Apple Store


Create your session’s workouts… 

Just a few hit strokes will assemble your workouts.

Press “Go” and… 

Meet ChronoTracker. A clean timer loaded with great under-the-hood capabilities.

Keep your count straight! You will know right away how many reps to do, or the time you’ll need to spend for the current exercise. In the bottom of the screen you’ll see what comes next and automatically records your times. No additional input is required.

For interval workouts, switching from the current exercise to the next is done automatically. It allows entering the amount of Max Reps done right away or just wait until you catch your breath and enter all the details.

Among others, FITT3ST will help you evaluate your performance including:

  • repetitions completed,
  • pace,
  • weight lifted and,
  • personal records for each exercise.

All details are recorded, including exercise variations and the equipment used. Learn your maximum, minimum, average pace for each exercise on a workout. Know your fastest and slowest times. Evaluate how much your pace varies between rounds. Or you can compare how it changes for different workouts. FITT3ST broadens your opportunities for analyzing your performance. Learn to time yourself and adjust your training to get your workout under control. Adjust your pace as needed and improve your overall performance.

Want to save time setting up your barbell? FITT3ST automatically calculates the plates weight for you based either on your lifting record or by entering an alternate weight. It even rounds the number up to your barbell, collars or smallest plate weight!